eBike Maintenance

Inspecting Your Bike

The best defense against loose components is a routine inspection before every ride.
This will help you catch potential problems before they develop into safety hazards. Most pre-ride inspection adjustments can be made with a simple bike multitool. 

The ABC’s: Air, Brakes, Chain

Before every ride, be sure to check the “ABC’s” to make your ride safer and help your bike last longer.

  • A is for Air: Having properly inflated tires helps prevent flats. Check the sidewall of your tire for the recommended tire pressure. (50 PSi)
  • B is for Brakes: Squeeze your front + rear brake levers to make sure that the brakes engage properly and smoothly.
  • C is for Chain: Look at your chain and check the battery level. Keeping your chain lubricated + bike fully charger will make everything easier.

Securing Bike Bolts

Bicycles are held together by dozens of nuts and bolts. Maintaining a "tight ship" is important because loose (or improperly tightened) bike parts can lead to serious wear and tear, cause poor performance and create a safety hazard.

What to Clean and How

Most dirty bike components can be cleaned by wiping them carefully with a damp (or dry) rag. Other components require occasional brushing, scrubbing and relubrication. Your bike chain area deserves the most frequent attention.